Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Welcoming Spring

Here in Western Washington, we had a hot day to welcome spring coming in a couple days. The temperatures reach almost 80 degrees which is remarkable; So much the last time the temperature this warm in March was 1894.

I found it hard to find people in the early evening. Most of the time it is anyway but I am sure many were out enjoying the sun somewhere else than where I was.

I realize when it comes to our purpose we have to go where the people are at or in some instances wait for them to come to us. Whichever is the case the purpose we are supposed to be involved in will happen and with the people, we are supposed to do with. I believe we can get wrapped into our thinking we must go to get the purpose done. Also, there are times where the purpose might happen to us; whatever the case the purpose will happen.

We can often make things complicated when it should be easy. We might over think our purpose altogether. Let’s relax the job will be completed. Amen!

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