Thursday, March 21, 2019

What Is Difficult?

I find naming the title for each post here is the hardest part. The content is easier than the title. I just hope the title doesn’t hurt anyone from not reading what I have to say or write.

One of the local television stations has a story about how Seattle is dying. A lot of it has to do with the homeless. It is a sad story because Seattle has one of the highest levels of homeless in the USA.  A major reason is the area has a lot of people with mental illness is what they say. It is probably true; a major reason I believe this area has the lowest level of people going to church as well. Other words, a lot of people don’t care about spiritual things. We could say because of the high cost of living, however, it has been going on a long time before the current age of tech companies. Yes, we are the home of Microsoft and Amazon to name a couple of them.

There is coffee being the home of Starbucks as well. You wouldn’t believe how many coffee shops we have here. Even in my home town of Gig Harbor where there are about 25,000 people in the area. The town of Gig Harbor is under 10,000; we have eight Starbucks and that doesn’t count other coffee shops. I am sure all together we have at least 20 coffee shops. So on average, it is a coffee shop for every thousand people. As you can figure not everyone goes to a coffee shop. This doesn’t count restaurants that offer coffee as well. We probably have at least 20 restaurants as well. Amazing when I figure there only maybe five when I was a kid; our family didn’t eat out much. My mother was a pretty good cook so no real reason to do so.

So enjoy my post no matter what the title is. Let your friends know too. It would be nice to encourage more people.

I know other countries have more trouble with the homeless than we do. In fact, we are probably really on the low end of the scale. The answer whether it has to do with homeless or the mentally ill or any other problems like I said in my last post we need to see with new eyes and love of course. Until next time I love you very much my friends.

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