Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Humble Heart

When it comes to our life whether it has to do with our purpose or leadership is to have a humble heart.

We will accomplish a lot with a humble heart. This means we will put other people ahead of ourselves.

When it comes to leading the best leaders are those who have humble hearts. In the same way, they put those under their lead ahead of themselves.

A humble heart means that you think of the team ahead of yourself. Whether it has to do with purpose or leadership, in the end, it has to do with a team or a group in whole.

If we struggle with having a humble heart we need to change. We will be successful when we have a humble heart. We don’t get a humble heart to become successful it is the by-product by doing so.

I try to have a humble heart because I know that I don’t know everything. I believe that a humble heart will bring wisdom as well. We will be better people with a humble heart. Let’s have a world with a lot of people with humble hearts. Amen!

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