Friday, May 10, 2019

Our Motivation

Our number one motivation has to be love. This in regards to our purpose or helping others in general at all times.

Any other motivation we have we need to think whether love is involved. If not then we need to scratch it off the list.

The people we meet need to realize that we are genuine. We can’t be someone we are not just to help them. This is especially true of individuals we may feel uncomfortable around.

No matter how much love we have for people there will be those we won’t feel comfortable around and it is OK. Doesn’t change that we can’t love them; in fact, loving them will give us more strength. Other words the more we help those that we feel uncomfortable around someday we will be comfortable with them too.

I find those that I am not comfortable around have nothing to do with love actually. I am uncomfortable because I haven’t spent a lot of time around them. Usually, we are comfortable with people we know and those we are alike. For example, if someone likes sports I feel comfortable around them because I like sports while at the same time if they like Opera for instance than I won’t be comfortable. If they like sports and Opera than I will be comfortable when they are talking about sports and not when talking Opera got it!

I will stop here right now. I am sure you know what I mean about being motivated by love. Have a great weekend and let your love shine.

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