Monday, June 24, 2019


The world is being lied to on a daily basis; however, most people don’t even know it or realize it anyway.

The word that brings the most lies is tolerant. We have to be tolerant of everyone. In a way that is true; however, the truth hasn’t changed in the same way lies haven’t but most people don’t realize it.

We need to love those who believe the lies well as the truth. You tell your children the truth because you love them. We have to do the same with others as well. The trouble though many say you are judging me. No, you are telling them the truth because you love them.

Where does a lie come from? Well, it comes from the one who has lied from the beginning and that is the devil which means “deceiver”.  He twists the truth in the same way he did when he spoke to Jesus Christ; however, Jesus spoke with the truth.

So today we need to meditate and think about what is the truth. Though what someone says sounds good doesn’t mean it really is. We should be willing to tell them what they are saying is not the truth. Do it in a kind way where it doesn’t sound like judgment.

Not an easy thing to do is to tell truth in a way that others will accept that have embraced the lies. If they are upset by what you say just tell them “to think about it.”  Who knows you may have saved someone going down the wrong path. Amen!

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