Thursday, August 1, 2019

A Gathering

Wednesday night our home group got together at one of member’s home for a barbeque and potluck. Most everyone brought meat and a side dish. I brought chips myself.

The women sat around talking into the evening while the men played a couple games. Both are good ways to share how life is going. Everyone has issues within their families. This is a good way to encourage one another things can and will get better.  A battle is going on with faith can be won.

Here in Western Washington, we are learning to be more social where so many other places in the world have been doing it for so many years. I know when I visited France about 15 years ago how social gatherings within families happens all the time. Families will spend all afternoon into the deep evening together on a Sunday.

I can’t say other places in the USA but in Western Washington, we have to get into our socializing before the meal is served. After finishing eating everyone goes their separate ways. This kind of gathering may last two hours at the longest. I like the way the French gather together.

Anyway enjoy your day and be blessed in all you do. Thanks in making a difference with those around you Amen.

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