Saturday, August 10, 2019

Any Real Solutions

Several days ago I asked the question on Facebook if anyone had any solutions when it came to stopping mass shootings. I found in a way a waste of time asking the question because those for guns gave statistics about other things that kill people like cars for instance.

Those on the other side being anti-guns were not much better either. It seems people here in the USA have no idea what solutions should happen. I know other countries don’t have the 2nd amendment like we have in our constitution allowing bearing weapons to protect us. I heard they don’t have the number of mass shootings either.
I have read a number of remarks from people on social media about guns whether to limit the kinds of guns. People write the craziest answers. Shows me a lot of people in the USA want to keep things like they are.

There is talk about adding laws for those caught or attempting to shoot in this manner; however, I feel most of those shooters already know they are likely going to be killed doing so and don’t really care. So making a stiffer law concerning mass shootings won’t work.
Another idea which I would be OK with is banning assault weapons. The pro-gun people, in general, are not for that either because of our constitutional rights.

So I will be surprised if anything changes. I am sure more mass shootings will continue to happen unless the answer is to have more security in place. The world is getting harder to live in.

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