Friday, August 9, 2019

Tired Out

Leslie, mom and I had a wonderful trip to Mount Rainer on Thursday, however, at the end of the day I was tired out.

This is what happens when you drive five hours round trip plus a little of hiking as well. I expect my legs will take a day or two to recover after taking Leslie to the airport this morning. She will be going on to Eugene, Oregon for her best friend’s wedding. She said it would have been nice to stay for several more hours; however, she has help with the decorating.

Mount Rainier was beautiful as usual though most of the snow was gone. Imagining in a couple months or so Rainier will have new fresh snow. The sun was shining when we arrived, however, when we left in the late afternoon fog rolled in. It was so foggy for an instance I could not see in front of me while driving. I had to drive slow and carefully. The speed limit is 35 mph because the road for the last 10 miles up to the mountain is very winding.

The three of us had a nice lunch at the Paradise Inn. Leslie had salmon on a salad while mother had clam chowder with a baked potato, and I had a salmon sandwich. We had dessert as well. Leslie and mom had blackberry pie while I had raspberry sorbet.  I actually had a little blackberry pie finishing mothers off.

Both Leslie and I took pictures along the trail which I will show you on another day. It was nice meeting a couple who asked me to take a picture of them together with his camera. I enjoy watching other people as well. I could tell they were from different parts of the world.

The hostess at Paradise Inn I found out is from Spain; a nice way for her to spend the summer in another country.

When I arrived home it didn’t take long for me to fall asleep. It was worth the time being tired.    

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