Monday, August 5, 2019

Looking Forward To Seeing My Niece

This coming Wednesday, August 7 I get to see my niece Leslie who is flying in from Virginia. It has been almost three years since I last saw her.

Life hasn’t been easy for Leslie since I last saw her. Her health hasn’t been good having migraine headaches for several years. She has changed her diet to help out the situation. Also, last year her husband asked for a divorce. I heard in April it had not been finalized. It is a matter of time though.

Leslie spent three weeks in France enjoying herself though she had her purse taken. I look forward to not only seeing her but to encourage her as well. She is heading to Eugene, Oregon for her best friend’s wedding next weekend.

This will actually be the first time seeing Leslie on her own. I have always seen her with family. It will be a good experience for sure.

It is so important to see family whenever you can no matter how far they live away. I am expected to see my sister Barb in September or October as well.  Always good to visit sites in the area when family comes this way; remember are days are short so be with those you love as often as you can. Amen!

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