Monday, August 12, 2019

Not An Ordinary Summer Weekend

Here in Western Washington most would not call it a summer day. We sometimes have these types of days in August though.

Late Friday night we had thunderstorms with a heavy downpour of rain. It lasted until Saturday morning around 7 am. We needed the rain and having it at night isn’t a bad thing.

Though we didn’t have any more rain after Saturday morning it was cloudy most of the weekend. The temperatures did reach the low 70s some would not call it summer.  Several times I felt hot, however, it was because of humidity which we don’t get a lot of either.

Though it wasn’t the normal summer weekend I was fine with it. I did miss seeing the sun. This made me realize regardless of the weather or other circumstances we should and can live extraordinary lives. This is what our purpose is all about. We were created not to live as ordinary people but extraordinary.  Often circumstances get it in the way of what our lives are intended to be. The importance is to take one step at a time and enjoy the ride of being extraordinary. 

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