Monday, September 2, 2019

Hello September

I am sure we all say it every year “it is hard to believe it is September already” and it is true.

The weather here is still really nice in September for most of the month.  I don’t understand why have school in September or at least start in late September. They can take one of the spring breaks away. Yes they have a week off twice. Technically the first one isn’t spring yet since it is in February. We used to get a day off to celebrate President Washington’s birthday than another for Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.  Eventually they combined the two birthdays into one day, and now they give the children the whole week off. The other week is around Easter which is technically spring.

In September we have the “Washington State Fair” in nearby Puyallup Washington.  Most people refer to it as the “Puyallup Fair” or “the Fair”.  I enjoyed the fair going on the rides as a child especially the bumper cars. Of course, there is the food you don’t really get anywhere else or at least the portions are a lot larger. They have animals like the pigs, chickens, and horses to name a few.

We always got a half-day off from school to go to the fair. A major point in my book since I figured any day you got to get out of school early was a good day. Oh yes, I wasn’t a big fan of going to school. Though the weather was good for most of the fair there were at least a couple days where it rained. You just hope it wasn’t on your school day or any day you decided to go. I was involved in a few of those wet days.

Besides going back to school September you start looking toward October when the raining season really begins, Halloween, Thanksgiving in November, and Christmas in December.

Outside of having to attend school September has been one of my favorite months so I will be enjoying you until October comes. I am sure you will go by fast but I say hello anyway.

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