Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Continue To Press On

Life can have so much pressure on us we sometimes forget why we are here.

Whether our purpose is to encourage others through mentoring or other means it is important to let others know how we all should continue to press on. 

It is important we don’t go back into old habits. We are in a battle every day in our thoughts well as our deeds.

We are on a path but other paths want us to join them instead. It is important really to know who is on our side and not those that don’t really care. All they want to do is distract us.

Besides pressing on we can never forget to have fun on the journey as well. Sometimes we may have to laugh at ourselves. Joy is good medicine for us.

Have a good day and never give up. It is so easy to do so because sometimes we may not feel significant. The purpose we were created for was not just to hold on to us but for others to know how significant they are. We are all in this together. Amen!

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