Sunday, September 29, 2019

Mt. Rainier and the Space Needle

Mt. Rainier and the Space Needle are the two most recognized landmarks in the Seattle area. I can see Mt. Rainier from my home in Gig Harbor almost every day depending on the weather.

The Space Needle and Seattle, on the other hand, I can’t see from my home. I would have to drive 15 miles to Port Orchard to see the Space Needle. The best view is from the waterfront of Port Orchard.  So I don’t see the Space Needle very often. In fact, I drive to Seattle more often than I do to Port Orchard though 15 miles is more convenient.

Though both landmarks are awesome to see they are nothing like seeing ourselves in the mirror. We are meant to be awesome as well. We just have to remember it. So the next time you see an awesome landmark in your city remember how awesome you are too.

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