Saturday, September 28, 2019

Getting Older

We all know it isn’t easy getting older. For those like my mother at 99 years old, it is really tough. I am fortunate mother is still around and doesn’t have any longer-term illness.

I have friends and classmates who can’t say the same about their parents. So many have dementia; I had an aunt who now has been gone for a while had dementia. My dad who has been gone a while himself said he would never want to live in a nursing home and he never did.

My mother would have to live in assisted living if I wasn’t taking care of her.  She prefers living in our apartment.  It isn’t always easy to see her especially having a fall like she did a few days ago. She will probably have to move into a rehab center when she gets out of the hospital. It hasn’t been determined yet but most likely. The wound on her left leg has to be treated every day.

She used to have a very sharp mind. Her long term memory is still in good shape just her short term memory isn’t that good anymore. Yesterday she told me when waking up in the middle of the night she couldn’t remember who she was and where she was at. She wondered where I was at as well. She thought she was at home but I wasn’t around which really worried her.

When I saw her though she knew who she was and she was in the hospital. She asked me what hospital she was in. When I told her it was St. Anthony’s she was glad about it.

I know at times when I take a nap when I wake up it takes me a little while to realize where I am at and who I am. For mother, it is the same way but takes her longer to realize where she is at and who she is. I just hope her mind is still in the state it is now when she dies. I asked her what her name was and she told me so it rests assured me. Not easy seeing how she is cooping but I am thankful mother is doing well most of the time though her leg is hurting.

It is so important we look after each other as we get older well as our loved ones who are old. We need to stay in good physical shape as well as keeping a sharp mind. Amen!

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