Tuesday, October 1, 2019

A Hard Day

I am sure most people are not fans of Monday’s. The main reason most have to go back to work on Monday plus would like a longer weekend which is good when there is a holiday on Monday.

My mother had a tough day on Monday on her first day of rehab. I spoke with the physical therapist who will be working with her over the days ahead. I am not sure how long that will be but we will find out. The physical therapist wanted to know what her normal day is like so she can get back to it.

She had a tough day because her left leg with the bruise hurts a lot. So praying for her would be nice. My mother’s name is Gwyneth she is 99 years old.

Gwyneth did a lot sleeping as well on Monday. I had to wait for her to wake up on two occasions I saw her on Monday. I had to wait about 30 minutes both times. She had hard times while awake though she told me she was OK.  Sometimes she has trouble when waking up where she is at.

She wanted us to talk but had a hard time telling me what she wanted to talk about. She did ask me how my family was. I told her she is my family. She thought that was nice. She was glad that I was there for her.

I will be returning again on Tuesday. I figure late morning because I am sure she will have physical therapy first. I will probably speak with her physical therapist to figure out her schedule. I hope today will be a better day for her. It should be though at least when coming to speaking to each other.  It was difficult seeing her yesterday for sure.

It shows we all have to endure when days are difficult whether it is with us or for those we deal with. We should find a way our lives are not stressful. Jesus Christ said not to worry about anything. Amen!

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