Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Getting Colder

The weather here in the Seattle, Washington area is starting to get colder. We are expecting near-freezing temperatures this week; amazing it was just summer.

It is raining right now though the sun is expected to come out today as well. We always like seeing the sun especially this time of the year when it doesn’t come out as often.

The way some people talk you wouldn’t think we have summer at all. We forget so easily, don’t we?

Update on my mother she is doing much better. At the rehab center they aren’t sure when she will get out but could be within a couple weeks if she doesn’t have any relapse.

Last week she wanted to come home real bad though not in shape to do so for sure. Yesterday she said that she was at her home for now. I am sure she wants to be home but realizes she has to spend a little more time there.

It is quite amazing where her mind isn’t working very well but she can speak some things with clarity. One of the therapists says she can count numbers backward faster than anyone she has ever heard. She can’t remember her birthday but does know how old she is and knows where she was born. I asked her what her father’s name and she raddled it off real fast though she couldn’t remember my dad’s name though she knew he enjoyed sailing.

Until next time may you be blessed and your life purpose is seen by others. Amen!

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