Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Life Changes

It has been exactly a month since my mother fell. She is still in rehab center; however, she probably will be out in a few days.

The rehab center wants me to work with her for a couple days on her physical therapy.  The work will be about her going up and down stairs since we have seven stairs leading out of the apartment. We live on the bottom floor.

We hope to be able to still stay in the apartment; however, there is a possibility we may have to move to another apartment where there are not any stairs.

This is where life changes can happen when making decisions like this. I hope we can stay where we are at but moving may end up being the best thing for her.

The important thing right now is to find out whether she can walk up the stairs. There are only seven stairs so not many; however, could still be a problem for her. We do have a grass back yard so it is a possibility for her to walk out that way too.

We all have decisions to make whether it has to do with parents who are old or we are looking to move because of a career change. Never an easy change especially if we have lived in the same place for a while.

A lot of people though go through these changes some more than others.  I hope any changes you have made have gone smoothly. Amen!

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