Saturday, January 11, 2020

Having The Right Title

I am finding the hardest part of writing on this blog or for that matter any of my writing is having the right title.

I figure the title has to be a selling point though the content is the important part.

I wonder if I am making a bigger deal about it or not or maybe my titles are fine but I want them to be better.

We may think our lives should be like how I see my titles better than it is. The important thing is our content in our life as well.

We might be making a better statement than we realize when it comes to our life.  If you have children how they are doing can say a lot about how you are doing.

It doesn’t mean because one of your children isn’t doing well you have done a bad job as a parent. You have to see the whole package. The most important thing is to love them and be the example that they need.

Like I have said I can’t keep this too long so take what I have said as a food for thought and have yourself a very good day.

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