Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Trust Is Earned

There are those who think we should trust them.  It would be nice, however, there are those trying to scam us with nice and persuasive words.

Trust is something that is earned and that takes time to do so. It may even take years to do so.

Of course, I would like to trust everyone; however, I have been taken advantage of before so it takes longer to trust.

Even friends and family have to earn trust. I am sure everyone remembers the trouble as a youth with their classmates. It took time to trust them too.

So remember if you are a mentor or a teacher those you deal with may take time to trust you. If they trust you right away I am sure it has to do with those that know you have told them about you. They trust those people when given a good report.

Don’t be upset if someone is doesn’t trust you yet I am sure it is because they don’t know you yet.

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