Friday, February 28, 2020

Taking Care of One Another

In our world hundreds of millions are being taken
of who are sick or elderly or both. There are maybe
even as many or more that are being neglected at
the same time. I am sure there are some countries
that do a better job than others.

I have mentioned before that I take care of my
mother who is 99 years old. Since she had a
fall last September that put her in the hospital
than rehab to help with her wound she suffered
she isn't the same person.

The purpose of the rehab center was to treat
her wound then be ready to go home. I am
sure it was her age but she isn't as good as
she was when she was transferred from the
hospital which to me is a big disappointment.

I am sure the rehab center did the best that they
could do; however, the lack of movement at
her age didn't help matters either. She went
to physical therapy five or six days a week
for about 45 minutes but the rest of the day
she was in a wheel chair or in bed.

She looked better out of the rehab center
than now. I know I said she was worse than
the hospital which is true but she is not as
good at home as the rehab center. Going
back to the rehab center doesn't make sense
either because she is getting the help from
me and the nurse that comes in.

I think part of the problem is she fell at
home so she doesn't feel comfortable all
the time though she is glad to be at home.
I think part of the problem to is that she
doesn't get visitors like I think she should.
I do have a caregiver coming every Wed-
nesday which helps My sister Barb will
be here for several days next week so I
know that will help out as well.

It is so important for those who are sick
or elderly to have visitors  even if it is
for an hour or two once in a while.

I appreciate those who do visit but I
wish more would come. What makes it
easier for me with mom even though
she doesn't like getting up most of the
time when she needs to she always says
thank you with a smile when she returns
to bed or the chair..

I know it isn't always easy but visiting
someone is a good idea even for a few
minutes. Amen!

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