Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Stay At Home

Here in state of Washington our governor
has now ordered people to stay at home
except those with essential jobs.

We at least go to the grocery store, the
doctor and still get take out from
restaurants. It means I can still get
my take out coffee.

This goes into effect on Wednesday
evening. We can go out for walks as
well as long as we keep our distance
from others.

This wouldn't have had to happen
if people listen before following

I am sure there will still be those
who will live life like it hasn't
changed at all except their jobs
they can't go to.

I have seen groups of people
at times plus when going
walking they are close together.

Someone told me well it is
important to be close with
family members or friends.
It isn't any different than
getting a cold where you
need to stay away or you
will catch it too.

Even at a distance you will
still have family around so
do what they say.

Encourage others to do
things together but not
close. Do the best that
we can.

Right now life isn't what
it used to be so go on even
though you may not like it.
I certainly don't. Amen!

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