Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Early To Rise

I find it easy to get up early in the morning.
I know it isn't the same for everyone.

Usually I go to bed early as well. With my
cold though I seem to be sleeping more than
I would like to. Rest is a good thing.

I am thinking how fast March has gone by.
We have had some rain here but not as much
as February. It isn't always easy to tell when
we get a lot of cloudy days. We have had 
some sunny days as well which works out.

This is Holy Week in the Christian Church.
Makes me think what Jesus Christ did on 
the Cross for us forgiving us of our sins
and ending on Easter being resurrected to
be back with the Father. The same thing
we will do after we die.

May you meditate on the good thing of
God and his promises for us. Amen!

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