Monday, March 29, 2021

Our Purpose Includes Others

Can you imagine how different our lives
would be if it weren't for other that came
before us.

God gave some to discover new lands. 
We would live somewhere else if it were
not for those people. 

We would live in a smaller world, however,
God wanted us to see and live in a larger

God wanted us to be blessed to have things
like electricity and television. Some things
we have turn from good to evil as well.

In fact,  a lot of our thinking has changed
from good to evil. It has been happening
a lot over the last couple of decades. Many
don't even realize how our thinking has 
changed. Whether we can go back to what
should be is hard to know but I think it
will be difficult.

We are here for now to change things. We
were created for this time. We can change
things for the better or we can choose to
be like everyone else. 

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