Tuesday, April 6, 2021

How To Start The Day

I figure to start the day we should begin
with examining ourselves. What I am
mean is how are we going to improve
our lives and be a better person.

I know there are those out here who say
or at least that others are judging them.
I am not sure that is happening or not
and if they are judging you what difference
does it make.

Being judged by someone are they a friend
or someone you seen once in a while at the
coffee shop.  

A friend judging you may not be a bad thing.
The importance are they judging you with
love and wanting you to be a better person.
Maybe they see flaws in you that you don't
see or don't want to acknowledge. This could
be a good thing. 

A friend judging you with the wrong motive
then maybe you should be looking for a new

I am sure there are those who judge me on a
regular basis but I don't really know them at 
all. Maybe they don't like me because of my
hair or what clothes I wear or something totally
different. I figure I won't please everyone.

So let's get back to examining ourselves. There
are things we can do to improve us. It could be
what we wear or how we act. Important thing
are you living as yourself or trying to be someone
others will like. I would go for the first. The 
point is not everyone is going to like us. 

Anyway that is today's encourage for us all to
hear and let's see how it goes today then tomorrow
we examine ourselves on how it went. Amen!

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