Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Wake Up With Motivation

When we wake up in the morning our main
motivation is making money. It is how the
world works we have to use money to do

Another motivation is helping others or in
Christian terms our ministry. Most of our
gifts will deal with making money and 
helping others. Your job likely is or was
something that motivated you with your
talent and gifting. This works with both
work and helping others.

So if you are still trying to figure out 
your life purpose well the answer is
probably your work and what you do
to help others. Yes our ministry is 
helping others to. 

I know my primary gifting is to encourage
others with humor thrown in. I enjoy
using humor whenever I can. Humor
will make people feel better and make
them feel comfortable as well. 

So whether at work or play let your
gifting be working at all times. Actually
I am sure it is working right now even
if you do not realize it because it is You!

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