Sunday, May 30, 2021

A Beautifiul Day

Saturday was a beautiful day here.
The temperature reached the low 70s
which I think is perfect.

Down in the waterfront where it was
a bit more crowded I saw some people
wearing masks.  I am not sure why
for one thing a crowd there isn't that
big but each their own I guess.

Personally if I felt I needed to wear
a mask especially outside I would
stay away  but that is me.  

I went stopped by the house I grew
up in. When I got out of the car a
woman asked my if my name was
Ross. I told her my name was not
Ross. She was expecting a man by
that name. 

I told her that I used to live in that
house right there.  She says "oh a
Nightingale". I said yes I am.  She
moved in her place right after I got
out of high school. I didn't expect
her still living there. 

She said Scott who bought the place
from my parents said this is a 
Nightingale. Oh yes nice to see you

Scott and I talked for a while. He 
wanted to know when my parents
had bought the place. I told Scott
my grandparents bought the property
about a hundred years ago.  They
were the third persons to buy over
here. It is across the bay from the
town of Gig Harbor. The government
owned the land after the natives then
sold the properties. 

Scott continues to do work on the 
place. It is only the third house that
is still there in original design. All
the other homes have changed a lot
and have gotten a lot bigger. 

When we finished talking I talked
with the woman again across the 
street. They have remodel the 
place it doesn't look anything like
it did before at least in the front.

We talked about the man who lived
there when my grandfather was
alive. He had bottles along the 
rocks. The bottles are not there
in sight anymore but still has them
because of the history of the place.

I drove down to end of the road and
then headed back to go home. I 
stopped at the coffee shop before
arriving home. What a wonderful
afternoon indeed. 

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