Saturday, May 29, 2021

memorial day

This weekend when many are off
to travel for the first time in over a
year we should remember the
holiday as well. Those who fought
and died so our country would be
free. Something many have
forgotten recently. Of course, there
have been those who haven't done
the right thing as well.

What has saddened me along with
many others is those that have
made it a political statement as
well. In fact, it seems everything
has become political in our country.
It is time to forgive and move on,
however, I think it will take some
time to do so.

It is important we all move on and
get back to the country that this
holiday stands for. I have the
feeling it will take a lot of time to
do so if it really ever does. Anyway
I wish the best and remember all
our blessing. Amen!

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