Thursday, June 3, 2021

Cooling Down

June has started out like summer that is
for sure hitting up to 88 degrees on
Tuesday and Wednesday.

Most summers we don't hit that hot
for many days here in Western

Thursday it is going to cool down ten
degrees which more like summer and
how I like the weather. Friday it will
be around 70 degrees then even cooler.

We are expecting rain over the weekend
and into next week. This is more typical
weather for June especially in the early
part of the month. I expect to have summer
type weather again before July hits.

July is always the best month here weather
wise. For visitors it is the best time to
come. Place gets really busy for sure when
comes to tourists.

With a lot of water around us here there is
boating, kayaking, and you can take the
ferry to Seattle from Bremerton and then
further north can go to the San Juan Islands.

South there is the ocean and east can go
to Mt. Rainier and the Cascade mountains
then west to the Olympic Mountains.

On Tuesday I took a trip to Crescent Bay
going West. It is about a 120 mile drive
so about two and half hours I guess. On
this day took a little longer because of a
car accident on the way. 

The Cascades and the Olympics are both
great places to visit. Ocean you can get
to through the Olympics if you like as 

This time of the year when the sun comes
out not a better place to live and enjoy
the scenery well as the people.

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