Friday, June 4, 2021

Having Patience

I figure anyone is good at having
patience has to be an extraordinary
person too. Not always an easy
thing to have that is for sure.

I am not sure  patience is considered
a gift however it really should be
in my book. 

Most of the time I have patience but
now and then not so much for sure.

Those who exceed at a sport whether
they played  in high school or even
went further in college and professional
have to be very good at patience.

The two sports you have to be patient
to succeed is baseball and golf. Without
patience in baseball and golf you won't
have success. 

I know hitters who come up to the major
leagues in baseball have to learn to have
patience to hit the ball consistently. You
are facing pitchers throwing almost 100
miles per hour plus having other pitches
that are hard to handle as well.

For the hitter they to wait for the right
ball to hit which is often a mistake made
by the pitcher. Many games the scoring
happens early on because it sometimes
takes the starting pitcher to get into their

I haven't seen a lot of golf or played it
for that matter. I expect the first stroke
is the most important to setup the rest
to put the ball in the hole. When having
success to get the ball on the green it
can be exciting or disappointing putting
it in the hole. The ball can look like it 
will go right in and at the last second
will pop out. 

To learn to have patience going out and
hitting some baseballs or golf balls would
be good exercise. Whether patience is
defined as a gift I certainly think it is. 

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