Thursday, June 10, 2021

Getting Back To Normal

Now we are into the 15th month of the
pandemic it is nice to see things starting
to get back to normal.

I know for some normal will never be
the same for sure. For the rest of us we
need to do the best we can to do so.

I know there are some who have stayed
the course the same way. I tried to do 
that being as normal as possible. With 
the loss of my mother on March 6, 2020
it wasn't so easy. Not that I didn't want 
to the government for one thing did not
allow me too. 

I hope the opening of the border comes
soon as it is reported so I can see my 
sister from Quebec along with at least
one of her two sons. Also, I hope my
brother and his family can come this 
way from Virginia, St. Louis and New

We need to put our mother's urns next
to our father. I know my sister doesn't
want anything  left by our mother except
what she has already taken. I still have
some china my sister-in-law and niece
would like to have. The rest would be
sold or given away. I have a couple China
cabinets and a few other things to sell or
give away too. Not counting books mom

Life has been good despite all this during
the last 15 months, however, time to move
on as well. 

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