Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Living With A Purpose

We should be excited and feel blessed for
having a life of purpose. Not everyone knows
or feels that way.

It isn't like we feel this way everyday
when circumstances come in. On Monday 
afternoon I had a pneumonia  shot. Boy
has it made me tired well as soar in the

On Tuesday I did go to the coffee shop
and see friends and those who are there
on a regular basis. I know to I did the
life purpose for which I am there for.
I learned a lot in the process too.

I went out for a walk after the coffee
shop seeing other people along the
trial. I said hello and smiled. I figure
there is purpose in that as well. What
fruit happens I have no idea at this 
point but I am doing what I expect
to do.

When I got home I had some plans to
do but never got to them. I thought
about it but that is all. I was tired so
I spent most of the afternoon sleeping.
I guess the shot put me down. I hope
the same doesn't happen today.

What I want to do is get going on my
five-year plan of travel. I did see on-line
news Canada is looking to open the border
to those who are vaccinated. Very good
news so maybe I can see my sister and
nephews come soon from Canada along
with my brother's family from Virginia.
We have to lay my mother urns to rest next
to our father. Also, means I can go visit
cousins in Canada as well. The timing
will depend on them of course.

Having a plan is the place to start. The
plan can change but starting the plan
is step number one. I hope to visit the 
whole USA I haven't been to before 
and return to other places to. This
goes for Canada as well. Depending
on things other parts of the world too.
I will have to setup a budget for all
to happen as well. 

Our life purpose should include going
places. Though where we live is our
main purpose I know God wants us
to effect the whole world so let's get
started. Amen!

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