Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Living Now

Often we think about the past or look
toward the future besides living for

The positive about the past is remember
those things that are good and to learn
from those that were not so good. 

The future is to look forward what 
might happen, however, at the same
time we have to live now.

I would love to start traveling beginning
this year. I figured this morning to start
a five year plan. I live on the west coast
so I have seen most of it though been
a while for some places. I have been to
the east coast though been several years
as well. 

The south and the Midwest I haven't 
been to at all so they will be part of
the five year plan. I figure both are 
hot so I will go in either the spring
or fall. 

I have to figure my budget well as
how long I will stay too. I look
forward to bringing you with me.
So live today while looking forward
to tomorrow. Amen!

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