Saturday, June 5, 2021

What We Would Like To See Different

Usually when we are in conversation with
others we talk about how we would like to
have life or the world or politics or religion
to be different.

Often these conversations are meaningless
if we speak with someone who has a different
opinion the we do. Why it is better to talk
to someone who is more like minded.

My question to talk about it does really
change anything at all. Though it sounds 
good most likely doesn't at all though 
talking positive is better than nothing or
negative for sure.

What we really need to do is go out and
change the world. For most of us there 
isn't a lot we can do to change the world,
however, we can one step at a time. 

Having a positive life can help change
others in a way we may not realize at 

This week I am listening to others. Find
out what they have to say. Some people
I think don't really care what I think 
anyway.  At least those in my daily life
away from here anyway.

It is OK because I am used to it. Not 
that I like it a whole lot but that is what
it is for sure. 

So what I must do is throw in some
positive words here and there to see
if people change. Who knows I might
be surprised.

Whether people listen to you or like
me not as much it is ok all you can
do is your very best. Amen! 

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