Thursday, July 15, 2021

Amazing Days

Here in Western Washington we have gone
almost two months since having any rain.
Quite a feat for sure. No rain indicated
for the next week.

We certainly use some rain. Have to
worry about brush fires. Over in the
eastern part of the state there a wild
fires like most years where firemen
all over the state go to fight the fires.

Today I am going on another adventure.
I am going to a town called Quilicene
which is a little past the Hood Canal
Bridge going north. 

I have seen the signs for Quilicene 
however never have spent the time
there so figure why not.

I have other adventures in my mind
to go on. There are so many places
to see in a two-hour radius of my

Quilicene is just a little over an 
hour from my home. Think about
going on your own adventure.

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