Friday, July 16, 2021

Something To Think About

When I was out adventure driving on
Thursday on the local sports radio they
were talking about how hard it is for
many of the athletes when they retire
what to do next.

Athletes retire at a young age and 
for the most part because they have
lost or slowed down on their skills
or someone better comes along.

This is why so important to have a
handle on your life purpose so when
you retire no matter what age you 
have an idea what to do next.

I took care of my mother as a caregiver
for seven and a half years when she
passed away last year. At the beginning
was hard because of the grieving process
and covid-19. 

I had plans already figured out when 
my next stage of life would happen
though came a little earlier then expected
but when is it really expected anyway.

I figure to do so traveling along with
writing. I enjoy spending time with
people to. The travel part has been
difficult because of covid-19. 

I have gone on a number of adventure
travels or driving if you want to call
it that like I did on Thursday. It isn't
exactly what I want to do but has
given me some ideas.

I did stop in a cafĂ© at the first destination
in Quilicene Washington. It is a little
more than an hour drive from my home
town of Gig Harbor going north on
highway 16 than over the Hood Canal

Quilicene is a very small town which
I expected. They have a ranger station
where you can purchase a pass for a
live time visit to national parks. The
Olympic National Forest and Park 
is nearby. I purchased a national park
pass four years ago there but never
went into the town as I went there
in a different direction and returned
the same way.

Quilicene besides being small it is
very old looking as well. Other words
can use a good remodel. lol. After 
spending time at the cafe where they
only serve drip coffee I went west to
Fort Flagger which you see the San
Juan Islands. It is one of three forts
that are now retired but were used
one hundred and twenty years ago.
I previous had been at the other two
forts before. Fort Flagger wasn't as
impressive to me as the other two
though has a beautiful view which
was worth the trip in itself.

A good way to have an adventure 
day and think more about future
travels in the area and across USA
and Canada.

So if you are working make plans
what you are going to do when you
retire. You can use the same gifts
and talents you have used when 
working but in a different way.
Remember those gifts were given
for a purpose. 

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