Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Meaning of Tuesday

Have you ever thought what the meaning
of Tuesday. Until this morning I really
never thought much about it. I don't
spend my life thinking behind the
meanings of the day. Of course,
when the calendar was put out each
day had a meaning.

Most of the days are picked way 
back when to do with the stars.
Personally a bit crazy in my mind
but whatever. I am not sure why
I mentioning this today but what
came to my mind.

In German Tuesday means second
so considered for the day of the 
week. Of course, this all comes
down to Monday being the first
day of the week while many 
consider Sunday the first day
of the week. I suppose we can
debate this a lot.

I found one meaning of Tuesday
interesting where the day means
shining. So I can say a good shining
day. lol

Whatever Tuesday means to you
have a great day. 

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