Monday, July 12, 2021

A New Me

We all know this is a new day none
like it before, however, I believe there
is a new me today as well.

In the same manner today will be
different then yesterday the same
will be for us to. 

I am sure I have thought about that
before but it came to my mind this
morning when I woke up. I wonder
if I was thinking of that in my dream
or not. It really not important whether
in a dream or not it is what it is.

I am sure the new me or extension
of the old me or whatever as well
yesterday played a part in it or may
not have either. I am not going to
dwell on that at all or I hope not

So do you feel yourself new or
different then yesterday or that 
today is a new day. I hope so 
because I don't want to be the
only one or does that really
matter. lol

Enjoy your day as it is today
and enjoy your new self as
well. Amen!

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