Thursday, July 22, 2021

Sadness and Happiness

My mother passed away on March 6, 2020.
It certainly was a sad day where I grieved for
over two months during the Pandemic. For
most people covid-19 was something they
lived with on a daily basis as for me I didn't
think much about it to be honest.

I did the social distancing and where the mask
along with getting the vaccine shot. I know 
there will be some who think I was crazy to
take the shot while others good for you. I 
have cousins and a sister in Canada knowing
they would require having the vaccine for
anyone entering the country. Though Canada
is allowing people who have been fully
vaccine to enter the United States does not
for a month anyway. It will be interesting to
see what happens.

Last Sunday my mother's church had their
first service since her funeral on March 12
2020. The church was remodeled during 
the time as well. In their program along 
with mentioning during the service they
had all those who had died during the 
Pandemic whether related or not. My
mother's name was mentioned first.

Now we come today Thursday July 22
2021. The family decided to wait to
have our mother's ashes in an urn to
be put next to our father's. I haven't
seen either my sister or brother since
March 2020. We have had monthly
zoom meetings though and have 
another planned for tomorrow. Anyway
today going to have my mother put
next to my father today. Unfortunately
with covid my sister and brother can't
be here. This is where sadness and
happiness come together. 

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