Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Those Who May Wonder

 The big question "What is my life Purpose".

What are you doing with your life? What do
you enjoy doing? Those are two questions
when answered will tell you your life purpose.

God wants you love him and worship him 
as he loves you. God has given you gifts
and talents to use as well. Those are part
of why he created you. The next is what
you do with them. 

When it comes to your life do you enjoy
what you are doing? If so then you are 
doing your life purpose.  If you are not
enjoy what you are doing then find what
you enjoy and do it. 

We are not here on earth just to get by
until our lives end. God wants us to 
enjoy what we are doing and to enjoy
him too.

You have a family with children and 
grandchildren then they make a good
part of your life purpose. Raising your
children and loving your spouse is
your purpose too. Amen!

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