Saturday, July 17, 2021

Seeing An Old Friend

I think I have decided to walk the waterfront
of Gig Harbor every Friday night I am in
town anyway.

A lot of people are walking around the area
or spending time at one of the parks downtown.
So there is a good chance to run into someone
you know. Meeting someone new or a couple
is good to.

Last night (Friday) I was walking back and I
had just passed one of the parks. I saw a 
classmate from school. I hadn't seen him 
in years.

It was wonderful catching up; finding what
he had been doing all these years. We talked
about some of our classmates. Many of them
he hadn't seen in a while as well. 

It is interesting he has lived in the Gig Harbor
area all this time. Now he is retired he does
spend time in Arizona during the winter and
plays golf. He has a daughter that has a house
he built on the same property as his.

What a great night to spend catching up with
them. We have a school reunion the next
weekend after labor day. He says he does
plan to attend so a good thing right.

Nothing better than seeing old friends while
meeting new ones as well. Amen!

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