Sunday, July 11, 2021

Summer Memories

I am sure everyone has memories of
past summers well as making new

We should never live in the past,
however, thinking of memories
on occasion is good for us.

Most of my favorite memories
did happen in the summer. You
can actually go back to one of
my early posts where I wrote
about our family trip across 
Canada and Eastern United
States. I was 12 years old and
we spent the whole summer
traveling staying primarily in
parks living in a tent trailer.
Most mornings we had to put
the trailer down to move on to
the next destination though 
there were places we did stay
more than one night. 

Other memories I remember
going to YMCA camp for a
couple years. The camp wasn't
very far away though as a kid
it felt further then it actually is.

Most summers as a child we
went to Twanoh State Park on
the Hood Canal. We went at
least two or three times. One
occasion we took the tent 
trailer and stayed over night.
We really enjoyed  going 
swimming where there a dock
we would swim out to. My
brothers and I would play
tennis as well when we got
a bit older.

In boy scouts we would go
hiking 50 miles in August.
I think I went on four hikes.
We would add two or three
additional days to our trip
in case of rain where we 
would stay additional days.
I remember playing cards
and sitting by the fire place.
Also, quite tired when the
hike was over. I am sure if
it were not for childhood
friends in scouts I would
have found a better way
to spend August.

So those are the memories
I remember quite fondly
in the most part. 

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