Friday, September 10, 2021

Love of Poetry


I believe a lot in poetry. I have seen

some great poetry in my life. Years

back I wrote poetry on a regular basis

but not a lot in recent years so I would 

say I lost the touch. I do hope to write

some in the future. Please be kind

when I do. 

My cousin Jennifer is really good 

at poetry. I need to read more of 

her stuff so I can get tips. The 

same goes for other poets. Back

in February on Groundhogs Day 

she wrote a poem about my dad, 

her Uncle. It happens to be his 

birthday to. I remember when 

my brothers and I found out 

he was born on February 2

we laughed out loud that day. 

I can't really remember how 

old I was at the time. 

Sometimes it is hard too 

remember some things. I 

have memories knowing

I knew them but really 

what happened isn't in 

my data base called the


It is amazing to think it 

is September already 

and summer is about

to be over. It is has 

been a hotter summer 

in Western Washington 

then ever before so

 the summer could 

last longer. The great

part we will find out 

won't we. I think school 

should start in late 

September and go 

into the second half 

of June. The weather 

though in June has 

become better than

what it was when I 

was a kid. A lot 

depends on activities

among other things 

in the summer to think 

about to. The Puyallup 

Fair is going on right

now so must have 

good draw happening. 

With Covid coming back

and needing to wear a 

mask in large crowds

outdoors will people 

really come or stay away.

Look  forward to the details.


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