Thursday, September 9, 2021

Passion Equals Purpose

I am sure I recently mention this
recently, however, when something
comes to my mind I figure to still
pass it on.

Recently several people I follow
on Instagram decided to get out
of the rat race (more them than 
me saying so). 

The most recent said she had
been living on the East Coast,
then moved to Colorado and
now Hawaii since her job
became remote.

Now she has made her on line
business official and moving
out of the tech world. A lot
of tech people have done  that
most recently.

My nephew Ian I expect will
do so eventually though he 
enjoys the work he is doing
in tech right now. 

When you are like these 
people who have to be
smart for one thing and
do make pretty good pay
check at some point they
will move into their real

This is where I say passion
is your purpose. Without 
passion can't really do your

Most jobs these days don't
have pensions in the same
way they used too. Most 
have a 401k or IRA that
works in place of the pension.

This means to you can switch
and have a job where you have
your passion and purpose in it
and still continue on a 401k
or IRA.

You still looking out for your
purpose it lies in what your
passionate about. It doesn't
necessarily you have to get
a job in what your passionate
about because you can do
so outside the job as well.
It helps though.  lol

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