Sunday, September 5, 2021

Masks or No Masks

I know everyone has an opinion on
wearing a mask or not. Here in
Washington state they are mandating
masks be worn inside and outside
for large gatherings.

The mandate is regardless if you
have had the vaccine shot or not.
They say that 95% of the patients
in hospitals in Washington state
for covid-19  haven't had the shot.
If that  is true why have a mandate
of wearing a mask. 

Why I say that isn't the point to
have people get the vaccine shot.
If they mandated to wear a mask
whether you have had the shot or
not. What point would it have for
those who don't want to take the
shot.  They have to wear the mask
regardless. Of course, the point of
getting the vaccine is to cut down
the cases of patients in the hospital.

The local daily paper said one of
the local hospitals in the area were
giving shots outside for anyone who
wanted it. Over the period of six
hours they only gave out four shots.
Not very effective I say. 

So again why have the mandate of
wearing a mask that might or might
not protect you. I prefer hearing from
a health provider I know than what
I am told over the media. Also, I 
am not sure I believe the politicians or
better the democrats. 

Anyway that is my thoughts on the
subject for now. Stay safe ok!

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