Saturday, September 4, 2021

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is celebrated in 
USA and Canada right now. I 
understand other countries often do in  May

In some respects is the end of summer. 
In Puyallup which is small distance from 
where I live is the Washington State Fair. 
So something for the locals to do along
with visitors.

This means beginning of school to. 
Back to normal routine if there is 
anything normal now.

I saw a woman I know at grocery 
store as she and her husband were 
heading for Eastern Washington. I 
asked her when her husband would
 retire. She said that he just sold the
 business so now. I said going to be
 an adjustment. Yes she replied.  
Time for them to have a new 
purpose. It happens to many of us.

With summer coming to a close time 
to get back to the routine. Hopefully 
can learn more purposes to. Enjoy
 your weekend.

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