Friday, September 3, 2021

Why A Life Purpose

I am sure there are many who may
wonder why have a purpose in my

Why not is what I may say. Does
give us a reason to live here besides
living until we die. Is that how you
want to live. In my mind that means
no hope.

We are all created unique and with
a purpose. We can see identical twins
who look like but even with them 
they are unique in character and 

You can see twins in professional
sports. They may even play the 
same sport,  however, often one
is a lot better than the other. I find 
it amazing how scouts or coaches
knows one is better than the other 
especially playing the same position.

The best people are those who can 
see our unique purpose and talents. 
It isn't as though they are better 
than anyone else but sees us better 
that is all. If we have parents who 
see us as unique we are in a good
place. When you have siblings and 
the parents can see the uniqueness 
in each one it is a great thing too. 

Use your uniqueness to help 
everyone else who is unique
as well. I wonder how better 
the world we would  embrace 
the uniqueness in each other. 

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