Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Dad part two

As I said before I was named after my dad. I would never recommend anyone to name a son after themselves. Not an easy thing to live up to. The best part of my Dad is that he never expected me to be more than myself.  My Dad was not a perfect man or father; however, I would say I could never have a better Father.

My dad was single until he was 36 years old when he met my mother. She was a single mother, and my sister was five years old when they married. The great part was that he treated my sister as though she was his very own. My father and mother had three sons within six years of marriage. I was the lucky one being the middle boy.  My dad was a businessman, and had a partnership in a drapery business. He had the business for about 40 years in downtown Tacoma.  Of course, like most businesses had it share of ups and downs.  I worked for my dad for 12 years; we had our disagreements, however, he generally was a very good boss. Unfortunately when he retired the business had been in a down period after the death of his partner and health issues of his own, however, he was able to sell the business. I believe he deserved a better fate.  

One of the last things my dad did before his death was build a sailboat. He did the building on the property I had at the time. He told me that it was an honor to build it there, and to be close to me. He took the boat to sail only once. Before he died, he called both his sisters and brother about his trip he was taking with my mother to France. It was very unusual for him to call them on the phone; I don’t recall he ever did that before. I believe he knew the trip was his last. He died on June 11, 2003 in Monbazillac, France at a home of cousins. It was almost a year to date after my brother Dick died.

My dad most of all loved his family very much. There is a part of him in each of his children, and grandchildren. Also, he will extend into his great-grandchildren and beyond. ,

Anyway, until next time. Love You DAD. There is never a day we don’t think of you.

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