Monday, December 30, 2013

2014 and beyond


It is amazing to me, and I am sure to most of you that 2013 has gone by so fast. They say each year goes faster than the year before the older you get, and it is very true. Right now people are thinking about New Year’s resolutions, however, I prefer purpose because it can go beyond the New Year, and people usually break their resolution anyway by February.  

As far as purpose goes we each were given one or actually many by God, however, for some it is to figure what it is. For me writing this blog is part of my purpose, and since I have only been writing this for a couple months I look forward to how it develops over 2014. If you are married, and have children as well than that is your main purpose along with your job.  Depending on your talents will show where your purpose goes as well.

Last week I received a Christmas letter from my cousin Susan and her husband David; I really enjoyed it because they are adding to their purpose. They own and operate a ranch in British Columbia; they have three sons that have children of their own; so they have six grandchildren at this time ranging from one year old up to six years old. Their two oldest sons have a business together where they design, and build homes; the youngest son is an engineer. Besides the ranch, and raising their children Susan taught school for many years, and David worked both for the federal and provisional governments. Now they are working the ranch which keeps them both very busy. They do hire some people time to time to help out on the ranch; however, the new purpose is that they are going to teach their grandchildren how to run the ranch in the years to come. They have begun doing so with the older ones.  I think it is the coolest thing to influence the next generation.  

In my opinion whether we have children or not; even don’t have children like myself we can give them our wisdom, and experience. I am sure I will write about our purpose in the future but I will end it here for now. Everyone have a great and wonderful New Year.  

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