Wednesday, January 1, 2014

it's 2014

Hello 2014; I can’t believe you are here. Of course I say that every year. I remember when I was in high school how far off 2000 seemed to be.  If you have a child born in 2000 than they are almost ready to enter high school; how unbelievable.

I think so much about purposes I want to accomplish in 2014 and beyond, however, I realize how important changes need to occur as well. Right now I have thought about three of them, however, if more come to my mind I will write about them as well in the future.  The first one is to talk less and listen more.   Growing up my insecurities made me think that I had to talk as much as possible, and maybe people will like me as well. Now I realize that I can learn from others by listening to them as well. I believe we all have a short coming in this area. I am not saying that everyone talks too much; there are those who need to talk more as well.  Whether we believe it or not, we have something others need to hear.

Number two is as important as number one. Actually all three have the same importance.  We all need to smile a lot more than we do. I find most women attracted to smile a lot.  I not only think they are prettier, but have a better personality, and friendlier.

Number three is to show others more attention.  I do a lot of walking around Gig Harbor, and I find most of them that I see on a regular basis say hello back to me, and acknowledge me as well; however, there are others that do not, and seem to be in their own world.  I am not here to judge because I am not sure what is happening in their lives.  I do not need everyone to like me, but I feel more the better.  I feel if someone does not acknowledge me something must be wrong with me.  I have to continue to battle those thoughts in my mind especially if I want to have my purposes accomplished.
I hope this will help you out as well. God says to love one another, and these should help us to accomplish it as well. Have a great and Happy New Year.      

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