Friday, December 27, 2013

The day after the day after

I hope that everyone had a very good Christmas Day. My mother and I spent the day relaxed mostly listening to Christmas music. After opening Christmas presents, we called and spoke with my sister, Barb, in Quebec for several minutes.   Barb and her two sons went out for a run in the morning through snow. The temperatures were around 20 below zero; I would say that I would find it difficult to run even if I was dressed like an Eskimo. Of course, they are more used to it than I would be. Either walking or running in Gig Harbor would be much more favorable.  As far as presents go I received several shirts plus a sweatshirt from my mother that says Gig Harbor the Maritime City on it. I plan to wear it a lot especially when walking.

On Thursday Dec 26 which in Britain and Canada is known as Boxing Day.  For those who may not know what Boxing Day is, or how it came about. Originally in Britain it became a holiday where the servants who had to work on Christmas were allowed to open their presents. Boxing Day was another relaxing day though I did go out for a walk around Gig Harbor, and stop for a latte as well, which is a routine I try to do as often as possible. While walking around the harbor I called my brother Jack to see how his Christmas went. Found out that my nephew Danny who is spending the school year in France came home for Christmas. He spent several days with cousins in southern France including Christmas Eve.  My sister-in-law Anne was able to get a very good price on a ticket to come home for a couple weeks. Also, had thought it wasn’t possible with the program he is doing over there, however, found they did allow them to come home for break.  Personally I think they should have had him to spend more time in France but I understand why they would want him home as well. As I have said it is important to spend as much time with family as possible. As everyone knows the older the children become, and have their own families how hard it is to get together. Later in the afternoon my cousin Bronwen and her husband Hank stopped by for visit. It had been a while since seeing them. Neither of them especially Bronwen, has been in very good health; so it was very nice to see that they both looked very good.  We talked a lot about family, trips to France and South Africa by my mother.

Since I have written how important family is, and where love especially works in the equation. I found the holidays successful. I hope you were not only able to spend time with family; however, you were able to talk with those who were some distances off as well. Another thing love those who you are with.

Until next time be thinking of you. Herb

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